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Art Portal!

2009-06-19 14:22:43 by BlueGhosty

Finally, it's here. I should've been more prepared. Feel free to check out my art on my profile. If you think it's good enough (probably not) scout it. If you find anything I need improvement on (you will if you bother to look at it) leave a comment here.

Here's one of my drawings. It's basically Alien Hominid (I made him because he was easy to draw) with a bit of a poor background and one of his victims.

Art Portal!


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2009-06-19 16:33:26

pretty nice, but the kid should at least have arms and there should be a better background.

(Updated ) BlueGhosty responds:

Yeah, I made the arms too small. They're there, though, it's just with the bad picture quality, the lines are hard to see. Still, I should've made them bigger.

As for the background, I definitely should've spent more time on that. Thanks for responding.

I saw your picture too. It was pretty sweet. I recommended it for the portal.

Btw, feel free to comment on my other pieces.