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FBI Fail

2009-08-16 11:28:00 by BlueGhosty

Remeber how the DD was supposed to be shut down by the FBI? Well, one poser idiot decided to reupload that gross beheading video yesterday. It just goes to show how Clock Day is a gold mine for people looking to increase their blam points and whistle status.

Happy One Day After Clock Day to all of you two people that read this post!

Help here?

2009-06-27 12:48:54 by BlueGhosty

This is just to show how much I need improvement. Comments and suggestions are more than appreciated.

Help here?

Art Portal!

2009-06-19 14:22:43 by BlueGhosty

Finally, it's here. I should've been more prepared. Feel free to check out my art on my profile. If you think it's good enough (probably not) scout it. If you find anything I need improvement on (you will if you bother to look at it) leave a comment here.

Here's one of my drawings. It's basically Alien Hominid (I made him because he was easy to draw) with a bit of a poor background and one of his victims.

Art Portal!

Come on, man

2009-04-01 18:04:01 by BlueGhosty

This whole Chinese thing was funny, but don't you think it went at little far? I mean, why did you have to block all of the good games?
Ah well, it's only one day. Happy April Fools!